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Welcome to IntegAudio!

IntegAudio is a professional audio studio offering a range of audio services at reasonable prices.

IntegAudio was founded in 2005 and is run by Chris Vaughn, an audio engineer who specializes in mastering and mixing.  Chris has an extensive background in mixing, mastering, editing, sound design, and composition.  Having worked from home studios to the Hollywood level, Chris has assisted many clients with meeting their audio needs over the last 22 years.

IntegAudio resides in the Seattle region of the Pacific Northwest, in rainy Washington State. Whatever your audio needs are, I’d love to hear from you and see what we can do to work together. Finding the emotional center of your project and bringing life into your work, is what I strive to do with every client, every time.

Have a listen to the examples below, then drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by!

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Services We Offer

I have 20+ years of mastering experience.  I’ve mastered many tracks, albums, recordings, and sounds.  Looking to add the perfect sheen, width, depth, and clarity to your audio?  Look no further. I use only the best cutting edge gear and plugins to achieve solid masters that translate well into any environment.  Mastering is a subtle art that requires collaboration and communication with the client to bring the final vision of their music to life.   Check out the examples below, then get in touch to discuss your project’s needs.

Every track has an emotional center, and a message the composer wants to convey.  I have 20+ years of experience bringing tracks to life, and breathing energy back into dull, lifeless audio.  Every. Detail. Matters.  I use a wide variety of gear to help make your track sound phenomenal.  My extremely detail-oriented and methodical approach to mixing ensures your music will shine, no matter its intended venue or use.

I’m a big believer in communicating with the client throughout the process of mixing, as I believe collaboration produces the most musical results.  Have a listen to the examples below, then get in touch to discuss your project’s specific needs.

Meticulous attention to detail is one of the key elements that sets excellent audio apart from mediocrity.  I have 20+ years of experience editing all manner of audio.  From dialogue for games, to instrumental tracks, to vocal tracks, to sound design, and environmental elements, I’ve done it all.  I’ll ensure your audio is as clean as possible, removing artifacts, cleaning up pops & clicks, dialing down hiss & hum, editing vocals, and trimming dialogue.   I use only the best industry standard tools to get the best results possible.  Whether you need ADR set to film in post, or an old recording cleaned up, have a listen to the examples below, then get in touch to discuss your project’s specific needs.

What makes Mario’s jump memorable, Halo’s rocket launcher impact satisfying, or a spell in World of Warcraft sound truly magical?  Thoughtful sound design.  I have years of experience creating bespoke individual audio assets for games, and would love to discuss your game or media project’s sound design needs.  Sound is 50% of the experience for any game we play.  The perfect sounds…or lack thereof…can make or break the immersion and satisfaction of escaping into a gaming universe.  I love collaborating with creative teams, trying to solve the challenges of making the perfect audioscape to fit the worlds they’re crafting.  Check the examples below, then get in touch and let’s create something amazing together.

What stirs us emotionally when we’re playing a game, or watching a movie, or a gripping television show?  A huge part of our reactions are from the musical score.  Whether it’s a pulse-pounding EDM track, a gentle piano underscore, emotional strings, or anything else, music drives us like nothing else does.  I have years of experience composing music for media and games.  Whether you need composition for a film’s heroic scene, or a game’s final cutscene, I have the experience, the skills, and tools to deliver excellence to your project.  Good composition is a dance between the director and composer.  A specific vision needs to be realized, which can only happen with in-depth discussion and communication.  I love working collaboratively with creative teams to bring their compositional needs to life.  Have a listen to the examples below, and get in touch to discuss your project’s musical needs.  Let’s create something beautiful together.

Podcasts are now mainstream, and as such, there’s a lot of production going on.  How to make your podcast stand out?  By making that production sound as absolutely excellent as possible.  Part of that is ensuring the voices on the podcast are crystal clear, EQ’ed to perfection, and sounding professional.  Another aspect is the custom sound effects used in transition to really make things pop and sound next level.  Finally, the custom musical imaging you use to really set your brand in stone is crucial.  I will produce your podcast, including all vocal audio editing, EQ’ing, cleaning up recordings, sound effects production, and bespoke musical composition.  From end to end, your production will shine and sound as professional as any of the big podcast producers out there.  Have a listen to the examples below, then get in touch to discuss your podcast’s individual needs.

•Media Examples•

Video Tracks

IntegAudio composition demo.  All music, sound effects, mixing, mastering by Chris Vaughn/IntegAudio.

Trailer for Golem:  Did all mixing, mastering, editing, sound design.  Music by Marty O’Donnell @ Highwire Games.

Mastering Demo Tracks
Podcast Themes Demo - Chris Vaughn
Valarin Podcast Intro - Chris Vaughn
Welcome Home - Jordan Chin
Got Milk - Megan McDuffee
Cherry Blossoms - David Russell
Team Rocket - Brandon Burke
Adventure - Tim Rosco
Kamaro - Peter Jones
Ode To Pac-Man - Evan Witt
Middle Boss Battle - Andrew Filipski
Presto/Vivaldi - Bradford Eide
Final Showdown - Brandon Burke
Klaymore - Klaymore
Seagulls Sea Spray - Songe

Original Composition

•• Gear ••

IntegAudio has gone completely “inside the box”, and is now mastering/mixing/creating entirely with plugins.  We only use the best of the best to guarantee the most epic sound possible, with a fast turnaround time.  A few of the tools we use for mixing/mastering:

  • Adaptr Audio:  Sculpt, Metric A/B, Streamliner
  • Black Box Design:  HG2-MS
  • Amek:  EQ 200, EQ 250
  • Brainworx:  Console N, SSL 9000-J, SSL 4000-E, SSL 4000-G, Digital V3, bx_Limiter True Peak, Townhouse Bus Compressor, Bax EQ
  • Elysia:  Alpha Compressor, mpressor, museq, 
  • Knif Audio:  Soma
  • Lindell Audio:  50 Series, 80 Series, 902 De-Esser
  • Maag Audio:  EQ2, EQ4
  • Millennia:  NSEQ-2, TCL-2
  • Purple Audio:  MC77
  • Shadow Hills:  Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor – Class A
  • SPL:  Iron
  • TOMO Audiolabs:  Lisa
  • iZotope:  Ozone 10, RX 10
  • Waves:  Many, many Waves plugins
  • Fabfilter:  All plugs
  • Soundtoys:  All plugs
  • Valhalla Reverb:  All plugs
  • SSL:  All plugs
…and many others as needed.  We’re always updating to the latest and greatest the audio world has to offer.

Stay in Touch

Thanks for dropping by!  We’d love to work with you.  Please reach out for a quote or with any questions.  Thank you!

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