How can IntegAudio help you?

IntegAudio provides custom composition for whatever media needs it. Music for games, commercials, radio, TV, film. I have years of experience composing in many different styles, and work collaboratively with clients to really feel out what they’re looking for. The best teams communicate frequently, with frequent iteration and feedback as we progress in the direction you want your project to go. Whether it’s a full on orchestral score for an MMO, an indie game for mobile, a radio jingle, or anything else, get in touch and let’s help make your creative vision a reality. Contact IntegAudio to start a conversation about the scope and specific needs of your project today!

WWise, FMOD/studio, Unreal Engine 4, and Unity 4/5 all spoken here.

Custom sound design for whatever type of project you’ve got going. Whether it’s simple background noise in post-production for a video, or full-on gaming sound design/implementation, IntegAudio has the tools and experience to make your project come to life. I have an enormous sound library, mobile recording hardware, and the best audio tools in the industry to make the soundscape in your project jump off the screen. Your project’s assets will be delivered in whatever format you specify, and I’ll work closely with you to make sure we’re on track and on budget. Get in touch today and let’s work together to make your aural aspirations into an epic success!

You’ve gotten your project finished, and now you need to really liven up the audio soundscape? IntegAudio has you covered. From gentle voice sweetening and compression, to full post-production composition, sound design, and mixing, I have the experience and expertise to make your project sound stellar. Whether you need simple audio touch-up, or full mixing services, IntegAudio can help. Have all the audio assets you need for a video, but it sounds horrible? Let’s rescue that mix and put your project back on track. Contact IntegAudio today to discuss your project’s mixing and post-production!