Media for the Masses. Enjoy.

All videos are copyrighted and owned by their respective companies. All audio is copyright IntegAudio unless otherwise noted.

Golem intro trailer from Highwire Games. I did all mixing and assisted with recording and sound design. Marty O’Donnell composed the music, which is owned by Highwire Games.

IntegAudio Demo Video. I did all music/SFX/mixing.

Sound design demo reel based on the game Planetside 2. Sounds are a combination of foley, some sound library elements, and virtual instruments all blended together in a DAW.

Music replacement (full score) for a trailer of Halo Reach.

Music replacement for trailer of the upcoming game The Witness by Thekla.

Music is my composition “Final Light”. Footage is from Guild Wars 2.

Audio replacement video for the upcoming game Outreach by the fine folks at Pixelspill I did all sound/music/voice.

Kellogg’s commercial for Apple Jacks. I did all sound design and music production.

Commercial for AU79. I did all sound design and music production (but not vocals.)

Commercial spot for The Farmers Dinner. I did music and mixing.