IntegAudio is me, Chris Vaughn.

I’m a composer, audio engineer, sound designer, and musician with many years of experience doing audio work. I received a few music degrees in the 90’s, and have been actively working in the audio world in some form ever since.

I started off working as a recording/mix engineer, recording Hollywood film and video game orchestral scores.  I worked as a composer/producer for radio media, writing and producing jingles for top-40 radio stations around the world, as well as a commercial producer of audio for companies such as Kellogg’s and Home Depot.  In the gaming industry, I’ve worked as a sound designer, having been on audio teams designing sound for several games.

After years of hot, expensive audio gear taking up way too much room, I finally decided to put everything “in the box”. I now have a completely massive collection of samples, sound libraries, effects, and plugins at the ready to produce absolutely top-shelf audio for whatever project is at hand. Gear is also ready to roll for on-location recording, if needed. From simple sound effects for mobile games, to commercial jingles, to orchestral gaming music, to documentaries, to film scores, and everything in-between, there’s not a project I’m not ready to meet head on.

Every project has a vision. An emotional center. Audio helps drive your project forward in a way that nothing else can. It can make a scene come to life, make a dull game thrilling, cause your heart to pound, or fill your eyes with tears. I strive to create emotionally-relevant music that brings life to any project. Let’s discuss your project’s media needs, and make something beautiful together.

Partial list of clients:


Home Depot

Ford Motor Company

British Petroleum

American Broadcast Company





Andale Kids

Musicworks Northwest

Washington Lifetime Roofing

CR Master Roofing

The Farmer’s Dinner